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    est. 2000
    За Двома Зайцями
    RESTAURANT & BAR & Museum
    Зомовити доставку або з собою за номером: +380974445690

Our guests

  • Патрисия Каас
  • Алла Пугачева
  • Жерар Дипардье
  • Людмила Гурченко
  • Дмитрий Шевченко
  • Сергей Гармаш
  • Артур Смольянинов
  • Богдан Бенюк
  • Богдан Ступка
  • Надежда Мейхер-Грановская
  • Александр Кузнецов
  • Святослав Вакарчук
  • Александр Малинин
  • Сергей Маковецкий
  • Сергей Филиппов
  • Мария Аронова
  • Николай Караченцов
  • Клара Новикова
  • Марк Захаров

Our history

There are some restaurants in the Kyiv, but there are also legends. Our restaurant is situated at the heart of historical part of the city, near St. Andrew’s Church. The restaurant represented Kyiv cuisine in the gastronomic sphere since 2000. It’s a special mix of traditional meals of Ukrainian , Yiddish, Bulgarian and Moldovan cuisines, that once had left their trail in the Kyiv. Cooks use only seasonal , local and fresh products from the farms. All meals are freshly made with deep love by them. You will be really enjoyed by the taste of pike stuffed with pike perch, by “Forsmak”( cold appetizer made from minced herring) , traditional Ukrainian salad “Shuba”( that contains layers of grated boiled vegetables and pieces of chopped herring and goes with mayonnaise sauce ) and of course, the best “Borsch” ( Red betroot soup with beef that goes with salty donuts) in the Kyiv city. Only in our restaurant you can try our unique and patented meal “Elixir of Trypillya”. We are talking about our cream soup from acorns that is served in the bread pot. We always have freshly baked desserts such as Kiev cake, Napoleon cake, Pavlova and many others. Each evening you can dive into the atmosphere of bright, pleasant music and absolutely flawless delicious food. Best Kyiv musicians play for you on our stage seven times a week. Besides, we are one of the few thematic restaurants that shows atmosphere of Kyiv before revolution both for guests and residents of the city. The restaurant is merchant and parochial and at the same time is warm, soulful, hospitable and generous.

Order a table

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    Мы находимся в самом красивом месте города.
    Заходите к нам на огонек.
    Украина Киев,
    Андреевский спуск, 34
    +38 (097) 444 5690
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